Advanced Tax condensed

Reach the high standard required to master the technical material in this demanding paper.

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About The Book

The Advanced Tax Condensed notes summarises all the core technical knowledge of Taxation and Advanced Tax through the use of brightly coloured diagrams and structured notes.

The memory joggers are presented in diagrams allowing readers to memorise the key facts needed. Through the use of diagrams and images, neural pathways can be created to enable the technical information to be memorised. The book is split into different colour-coded sections to enable easy referencing. -individuals, companies, capital gains, inheritance tax and finally VAT and ethics.

Neil’s Top Tips allow you to see the application of the principles to formulating tax efficient strategies and application to exam scenarios.

What’s Inside



  • Self Employed Individuals
  • Employment Income
  • Investment Income
  • Overseas Aspects


  • Single Companies
  • Treatment Of Losses
  • Overseas Aspects

Capital Gains Tax

  • Computing Gains On Different Assets
  • Variations to computations
  • Exemption Reliefs
  • Deferral Reliefs

Inheritance Tax

  • Valuation
  • Lifetime Transfers
  • Death Estate
  • IHT Reliefs

Vat & Ethics

  • Principles
  • Registration
  • Partial Exemption
  • Key ethical principles


  • Proformas
  • Neil’s Top Tips



Concise course notes written by Neil using accelerated learning mind mapping techniques telling you exactly what you need to learn with the use of diagrams to create neural pathways and help you memorise the essential tax knowledge you need to pass the exam. These notes have little images and Neil’s Top Tips so you can link them up and form a logical framework that you can use to pass the exam. The notes also form a useful reference document for qualified accountants who want to access the current tax legislation without having to wade through multiple publications or trawl the internet.

About The Author

Neil Da Costa is the highly regarded Advanced Tax lecturer who has a passion for making a technical subject like tax simple to understand.

Neil believes that everyone has the potential to be better and has made it his life’s mission to help others believe in themselves.

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