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Congratulations my latest students. You achieved an amazing pass rate!

Neil taught me ATX at Kaplan, and made the world of difference when it came to conveying complex tax principles and a enormous syllabus into manageable, easy to understand chunks. His style of teaching is one of a kind. The way he engages the class using interesting examples to illustrate complex ideas and able to use his extensive experience in teaching to explain these complex principles with such clear logic, makes him world class as a Tax teacher. Neil prepares his students in such a way where I felt like there was nothing the examiner can throw at me that I wasn’t prepared for. He instils his students with confidence something of a great leader. I have come out of his course feeling lucky to be part of one of his classes. Thanks for the laughs, the experience and for being an inspiration.

JR – ACCA ATX – 2020

Neil is an inspirational Tutor at Kaplan London who makes the humongous tax syllabus interesting and I would highly recommend him for all P6 students. I’m usually a student who likes to be extremely well prepared. Following Neil’s teaching and study technique not only helped me to conquer through the 1000+ pages of textbook but also secured high marks in ATX paper in the first sitting. Neil has an engaging sense of humour, his friendly and approachable style makes the paper much more manageable, and his exam tips are priceless. Neil is practical and give no wrong hopes to student. He presses on the need to do exam question multiple times which in my view was a cracker for ATX. When you are studying, you do not study just to pass the exam but learn something which you can use in your practical life. His examples helps to open up ideas which can be leveraged in real world. His tax advice is free which is rare in Tax world. His famous quote “PA are like muscles, if you don’t use it, you lose it” still echoes in the mind. Thank You Neil for enhancing my knowledge about UK Taxation and making the subject fun and interesting. “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge – Albert Einstein”.

YT – ACCA ATX – 2020

Neil taught me ATAX, his classes were always well planned, and he is highly recommended for ATX follow his advice and you will definitely PASS! Best in market as over 20 years experience.

TK – ACCA ATX – 2020

When I walked into my first ATX class and saw the amount of materials my heart sank, I had no idea how I would learn so much. Neil was great though, he broke down what is a very big very challenging syllabus into manageable and understandable chunks, highlighting the areas where you may be able to pick up easy marks. His energy, enthusiasm and examples help to relate the different subject areas to real life. With Neil’s guidance and assistance, I managed to pass the exam with flying colours. I would highly recommend him to anyone who chooses to sit any tax papers.

LB – ACCA ATX – 2019

Neil is an exceptional tutor. His classes are highly interactive, engaging and the support he provides inside and outside of class is excellent. He has a unique way of instilling confidence leading up to exam, with plenty of laughs along the way. Thank you, Neil.

MD – ACCA ATX – 2019

Neil taught me ACCA ATX and made the toughest subject very interactive and enjoyable subject. His style of teaching definitely helped me to understand the topics much quicker and he guided us through at every stage, giving us hints and tips to be successful, how to obtain the easy marks and how to approach the exam in the most successful manner. From the first day up until the day before the exam, he gave his own notes and memory joggers and motivated us both during the lessons as well as via emails up. Even day before our results were out he was emailing us to wish us good luck! He was more of a friend rather than a tutor and made the lessons fun! Thank you so much for being an amazing tutor, I definitely miss being taught by you! I wish you all the best!

AD – ACCA ATX – 2019

Definitely a great teacher. You want honesty but at the same time the push and inspiration/motivation to carry on Neil definitely the teacher : )

KV – ACCA ATX – 2019

Neil your system works. I was worried about the volume of the Advanced Tax syllabus. I did all the practice questions and everything you suggested step by step. I gained a first time pass. Thank you.

DP – ACCA ATX – 2019

Neil is an excellent tutor and helped me pass my exam. He simplified the toughest tax paper and supported the whole group. An inspirational and knowledgeable professional – thank you!

SR – ACCA ATX – 2019

I have finally become ACCA qualified after a several attempts with P6 paper , Neil is very resourceful and knowledgeable with Advance UK Tax P6 paper, I recommend all of you studying P6 with Neil , and finally remember never give up , believe in yourself. Many thanks Neil for all your help and support!!!

YC – ACCA ATX – 2019

I passed my P6 paper with an excellent results and this is thank to you Neil. You are an exceptionally talented lecturer. I would not hesitate to advise anyone taking P6 paper to go for your courses. I still remember how you simplify the marking schemes to score and easy pass by paying attention to the easy marks within each question and it worked for me. It was really easy to score 25 marks on NI, VAT, Due dates, Ethics and presentation. In Dec 18 Exams, I applied your way of scoring these marks and really help me to be able to answer all questions. Your technical approach made me answer all question although it sound difficult given that no options are available in Section B anymore. Truly speaking, I am inspired by your enthusiasm in class. You are very dedicated to all of your students including me and I can tell that you really want all of students to get through this paper. Neil you always try to make each chapter within P6 an easy chapter for us. Neil, you have the patience in class and welcome questions while teaching. I have many times ask you silly questions but nevertheless, you came round and explain it to me after class. I really appreciate it. At other times, you will carry on your lectures and stayed behind to help as many students as you can. You really spend quality time with your students. I don’t know how to thank you for your help in my success for this paper. I always love doing tax and you made me love this paper a lot more. In class you alert us or jog our memory F6 paper . I have memorised your self prepare questions such as MN, Fashionable, Overseas, and Marco (for IHT – without forgetting the Samba dance Marco enjoyed before he passed away, lol). Sorry for going into too much details, as I want to express my feeling towards you and my appreciations in your way of teaching. I also like your Tax in the mix, really helpful information. it jog my memory from time to time and I use it many times, to remember things quickly. Very helpful documentation. Your advice how to study was the top one. I listen to you by keeping in touch with P6 almost everyday and it did help. To sum up, I would like to personally thank you neil for your help in passing P6 and this was my last option paper. Finally, I am qualified. I have to complete my PER and apply for membership. I wish you all the best and I would advise all of your students to take on board your techniques and apply them in their studies, it does help. I can reassure you that you all have to follow Neil’s instruction and no doubt he will make your life easy . He made mine as working fulltime and studying is not an easy step in life and taking into account the thickness of P6 text book, Neil made it possible to pass. Best of luck to each and everyone of you reading my comments and many many thanks and stay in touch.

TB – ACCA ATX – 2019

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