Several years ago, it was revision week, and I was smashing through the examiner’s most difficult Advanced Tax questions as this is the best way to prepare for the exam.

Divya, one of my students was usually smiling and answering questions, had left the room. In the break, she came to see me, and she was crying.

I knew something was very wrong. Her pilot brother, Ranchod, had been in a car accident and had lost his life. I was at a loss for words and struggled to say anything to comfort her.

Needless to say, Divya was traumatised and was in no condition to sit her exam.

A few months later, Divya was back and despite her broken heart was determined to pass her exams. I was so proud when she qualified as an account but that is not the end of the story

.Divya and her husband, Atish (also a qualified accountant) launched their own business alongside their busy careers called Bena Bakes, to honour Ranchod. ‘Bena ‘means sister in Gujerati and was what Ranchod called Divya.

They make the most delicious macarons and Divya sent me a sample to thank me. Macarons are one of my favourite treats and the best are made by French Patisseries like Laduree’.

When I tried the Bena Bakes macarons, it was literally ‘a piece of heaven’ and the best I have ever tasted.

Instead of letting life pull them down, Diyva and Atish have transformed a painful experience to inspire them to create an amazing business and find their own Ikigai.

For all of you struggling with life’s challenges like home schooling the children , I hope this will in turn motivate you to keep going and not lose sight of your goal.

Why not go to and try them for yourself ? #neildacosta #inspiration #accaglobal #advancedtax