I was so happy to meet Ophelia at the PQ Tax Forum talk which took place at Queen Mary’s University.

When confronted with a tax problem, Ophelia carefully evaluates it and comes up with a solution. The instinctive reaction for most of us is to dismiss issues we feel we have not studied or do not understand.

By taking a bit of time like Ophelia to think about it, very often we can come up with a reasonable solution. In the Advanced Tax exam, even if you do not remember studying a particular topic, give yourself the chance to think things through and you probably will pick up some marks on your weak areas as well.

The other characteristic Ophelia has is she is always smiling and laughing which lifts everyone she meets. She’s a joy to be around.

After meeting some people, you feel like crying! We all go through challenges, but by being cheerful, it is much easier to get through them.

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