10 Tips For Sitting The ATAX CBE 

1.    Use the 15 minutes reading time to read through the two big case study questions highlighting as follows: red -important, blue-numbers, black-examiner’s clues for deciding methodology.

2.    Use the scratch pad only for quick diagrams to interpret the answer e.g. group structure, timeline for IHT lifetime transfers etc as it will not be marked.

3.    Focus on using the word processor as 100% of the paper can be done without the spreadsheet. This will save you switching between the word processor and spreadsheet.

4.    Do calculations in tables or even in a single line e.g. 1st 37700 x 20%, next 10K at 40% =income tax of £11,540.

5.    Only use the spreadsheet if you are accustomed to using Excel. No need to explain formula. This can save you time.

6.    Use the copy and paste function to paste the requirements into your answer to free up screen space.

7.    When explaining different options, try copying your explanation for one option into the next and editing e.g. gift of shares v gift of property. IHT, CGT and STLT implications

8.    Write short explanations telling the examiner what you are doing except where the examiner specifically states that explanations are not required. Remember marks are given for stating conditions for reliefs

9.    Do not expect to finish everything perfectly.

10. Attempt all the paper including the easy 4 marks for presentation and 5 marks for ethics.

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