Many students sitting their ACCA professional exams like Advanced Tax have young children. This means that their lives are exceptionally busy, and they need to wake up early in the morning to find some time to study. With Mums like Encarni, she also found that she needed to stay up late in the night (past midnight) as the Advanced Tax exam questions can be very time-consuming.
I admired Encarni’s positive attitude and cheerful disposition.  She is one of those rare students who actually follow your advice. I explained to her that the first time you work through a question, you just grasp the basic points. To fully understand it, you must work through the key questions 3 times
Life does not have to be a race. Being a great Mum or Dad is more important than passing your exams quickly.
Start looking at yourself with fresh eyes and day by day create the skills you want to have.
If you are planning on doing Advanced Tax in March, I recommend you purchase Advanced Tax Condensed. You need to deal with at least 30 separate technical areas to pass the exam and this book will really make the difference.
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