One of the great aspects of being a tax tutor is meeting people students from all different disciplines. Some of the best finance professionals are people with a non-finance background.

Augustine studied aerospace engineering and is a deep thinker. Still, it was not easy for him to do his Advanced Tax exam whilst working full time. He has an analytical mind which quickly enabled him to understand scenarios and he knew that my approach of learning the key knowledge and rigorous exam question practice made sense with the paper that has the largest ACCA syllabus.

What I liked most about him is when I used to tell him to learn some notes or practice certain questions, he applied himself to the task diligently. Being an engineer, he did not expect his studies to be easy yet with persistence and guidance, he trusted that you can become successful. I encouraged him and told him to trust the process. Instead of looking around him, he ran his own race.

As I expected, Augustine passed his Advanced Tax exam and qualified. In addition, he has made a successful transition from practice to industry. I was so pleased to meet up with him to celebrate this milestone in his career.

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