Congratulations Chandni on passing Advanced Tax and becoming a fully qualified ACCA accountant. I am so proud of her.

Chandni is the kind of student I enjoy helping. She had an excellent work ethic and was determined to succeed.

At times life knocks you down. As you lie on the canvas, feeling like a failure it is easy to feel like a failure and give up. What’s the point of going through this pain when you already have a good job and want to spend time with your family or travelling?

It’s ok to lie there for some time feeling sorry for yourself. The important thing is not to let that failure define you. We all mess up. The people who don’t fail are those who don’t try to be better.

Pick yourself up and dust yourself down. It’s time to get back in the ring. Learn from your mistakes. Do what other successful people like Chandni have done. Become better and eventually you will reach your goals.

If you are planning on doing Taxation or Advanced Tax in December 2023 or March 2024, I recommend you purchase Tax Condensed or Advanced Tax Condensed which will allow you to learn the technical rules If you then practice the key questions I recommend, you too will be ready for anything the examiner throws at you.

 These books will really make the difference. You can purchase them using the links below:

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