When I met Eimear, I was immediately struck by her cheerful attitude. She was always happy and smiling. She loved being in the Advanced Tax class and always applied herself 100% to the task at hand.
With a technically demanding subject like Advanced Tax, you have to invest time in understanding the technical material and practice different types of exam questions.
The system of teaching, revision, and exam question practice we have developed works. However, it works for students that work the system. Eimear wholeheartedly embraced the system, and everything fell into place for her.
She has now qualified and passed all her ACCA exams in just 2.5 years and is destined for great things.
I am so proud of her and would like to congratulate her on her amazing achievement. Why not improve your chances of success by enjoying the journey and giving your life 100% effort like Eimear?
You may be surprised with what you achieve 
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