Many students might be discouraged as their exams did not go well. Circumstances and events seem be to conspiring against us and it feels easy to quit.

The important thing is to keep going. Treat every day as a fresh start. Instead of looking at disappointments as a burden treat them as steps to success. It’s about focusing on what’s immediately in front of you.

This is why it is amazing to hear about students who have passed their exams achieving further success like Jessie who has just become Group Accountant for an asset management firm! I am so proud of her.

Like Jessie, if you put in the work and take the advice, you can also have an amazing career.

If you are planning on doing Taxation or Advanced Tax in September or December 2022, I recommend you purchase Tax Condensed or Advanced Tax Condensed which will allow you to learn the technical rules If you then practice the key questions I recommend, you too will be ready for anything the examiner throws at you.

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