Lily has passed Advanced Tax with an amazing mark of 76% and we can learn several important lessons from her story.
1.  Lily found Advanced Tax the most difficult technical ACCA paper she has done.
2.  Lily was offered a new job in the middle of revision which threw her off balance but despite feeling overwhelmed she showed determination to real her goal. At times, all of us have other challenges in other areas of our lives that can affect our exam progress.
3.  Lily expected to fail Advanced Tax despite passing with 76%. This is because no matter how much you learn in tax, there is always something you don’t know. In fact, the more you know, you are better able to appreciate the intricacies of the subject.
4.  Lily asked for my advice and followed it. She used the condensed notes and practiced exam questions. She also listened to Neil Da Costa Tax Exam Podcast and followed my LinkedIn posts.
5.  This technique of targeting key areas and rigorous exam question practice works.
The books are relevant for all tax exams from June 2022 up to March 2023 and make learning the vast tax syllabus manageable and more efficient by focusing on keywords. You will also get lots of free additional resources.
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