One of the days you will never forget is the day you qualify as a Chartered Accountant! This is why it is such a privilege when my Advanced Tax students share this milestone event with me.
Maham is a very capable professional lady who usually passes her ACCA exams first time round.
When she got to Advanced Tax, she failed her exam with a mark of 49% and was devastated. This is because this paper requires more than just intelligence. It also takes dedication.
I told her to believe in herself and keep going. She showed strength of character and despite encountering further challenges, did not stop. She kept the faith and redid the same things again and again despite feeling frustrated and disillusioned.
The system of focusing on key areas and rigorous exam question practice works. Advanced Tax is a technical challenging exam but Maham has shown that you can pass this exam with the right mindset and dedication. I supported her every step of the way and that is why I am so proud of her success.
She is now qualified and can move on with the rest of her life.
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