As Christmas draws closer, my thoughts turn to those who experience loneliness at this festive time.

During the holiday season which is associated with joy, family, and connection, many of us experience loneliness.

We may not have families to celebrate with. Some of us may have broken relationships or have lost loved ones. Many of us are struggling with financial challenges and are uncertain of what the future will bring.

For people of different faiths, it can feel very isolating. Everyone else may seem to be preparing for this special day with their families which can cause feelings of deep loneliness.

You can feel that everyone else is celebrating with a perfect family while you are simply looking in at the window.

If this resonates with you, the first step is to know that you are not alone. Millions of people struggle at this time of year.

The second step is to remember that you are not your thoughts. Our negative emotions can create an illusion where we feel that everyone else is more fortunate than we are. This is simply not true; our lives are just different at this point in time. You must challenge your thoughts and differentiate between what is true and what your mind wants you to believe is true.

The final step is to accept that loneliness is how you feel now but it does not mean you will be lonely forever. This is your current experience, and everyone feels lonely at some point. Accept that this is just your current and temporary experience. Loneliness comes and goes

Life and emotions are impermanent and always changes. Nothing lasts forever. Be gentle and patient with yourself. This too shall pass.

Sending you warmth and strength 

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