When we look at the world, we see things from our own perspective, Our vision is heavily influenced by our mood. People in love see the world through rose-tinted glasses and float on a cloud of joy. Those of us mourning the death of a loved one, only see pain and a lack of hope.

The scientific term for this is affective realism whereby our feelings actually construct our experience of the world.

An easier way to understand it is to think of a mood tunnel. If you are in a dark mood, you see more darkness and less light.

What can you do to help?

To break out of your mood, you need to connect with the present moment. By focusing on your breathing, you will realise that between the inhalation and exhalation there is a pause. This pause is a window to the soul and by finding it, you will have a refuge from your thought patterns.

Another technique to try is to connect with nature. Take a walk in the park or in the countryside and pay attention to what you can see, hear, and feel. Connecting with nature will give you a sense of belonging and help bring you out of your crippling mood.

Many people also find that helping others less fortunate makes us grateful for what we have. This is why there are more happy people in poorer countries than the wealthy countries. Being aware of people who have less than us makes us more grateful. We must strive to be grateful, not hateful.