One day after ACCA results, many students need my support to carry on. They have told me that they feel worthless and fed up with failure. Others blame their boss or family.

Many of us have the tendency to blame others for mistakes and disappointments. To protect ourselves from pain and avoid responsibility, it is easy to blame the inequality in society, our upbringing, our bad luck, or circumstances.

We look outwards and project our frustration on someone or something else which allows us to temporarily forget our troubles. Unfortunately, this leaves us feeling powerless and we don’t take action to change our circumstances, so we slip into a cycle of finding someone else to blame. Eventually, we realise that the truth is we are the own architects of our failures and start blaming ourselves.

However, blaming yourself is not the solution as you will end up feeling incompetent and this will diminish your self-worth.

The solution is to release all blame and take responsibility for your own life. Accept your situation with honesty and compassion and look for the strength within yourself to move forward. This is your life, and you have the power to change it.

Myron set a goal instead to pass his ATX exam.

Be patient with yourself and take small steps every day to get better. You can change and make your life better once you let go of blame. If you are doing Tax or Advanced Tax, why not use my condensed notes to help you manage the large syllabus like Myron did?

Another of Myron’s strategies was to listen to ‘Neil Da Costa Tax Exam Podcasts ‘on his commute to and from work. These little daily habits and dedication paid off and he achieved one of his highest ACCA marks.

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