Many days we can get discouraged by our lack of progress. Circumstances and events can seem to be to conspiring against us and it feels easy to quit.
The important thing is to keep going. Treat every day as a fresh start. Instead of looking at disappointments as a burden treat them as steps to success.
Recently, I met one of my classmates who went into the military and rose to become an army Captain. He said the people who got through the rigorous officer training were those who just got through each day. It’s about focusing on what’s immediately in front of you.
Those who worried about enduring the long weeks ahead got overwhelmed and quit. If you continually focus on your long-term goals, it can feel like you will never get there.
Instead, just live in day-long compartments. As long as you can make it through today and are doing the best you can, you’re doing great. Let tomorrow take care of itself. 
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