One of the great benefits of being a tax lecturer is I have the opportunity to travel.

I love tracing the steps of my childhood hero, Tintin.

Tintin is an intrepid reporter/ detective who travels the world solving mysteries and as a little boy, I dreamt of doing the same.

I have now decided to document some of my adventures in parallel with Tintin’s adventures.

Tintin loved travelling by hot-air balloon, and I have always wondered why these are not more common. I soon realised why -hot air balloons are at the mercy of the wind and do not travel in a straight line. Balloons also now have a trained pilot who controls the height the balloon flies at.

However, the air in the balloon is heated by igniting a mixture of liquid propane and oxygen which can be very noisy and a little scary!

It is a very relaxing surreal experience to drift through the sky carried by the wind although the use of winds.

Fire and wind!

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