Hi Everyone -hope your final revision is going well. The important thing is repetition and learning the mnemonics and memory joggers.
In terms of the final few hours, I recommend you do the following and in true tax tradition, I have made up a mnemonic for you to use -MEDS!
So, take your meds, guys!
Memory Joggers -Spend time memorizing your memory joggers and mnemonics. You might find it useful to copy them out as the act of writing them out imprints them on your brain.
Exam Question Practice -You should be selecting key questions from the Kaplan exam kit and working through them under timed conditions as this will condition you for the exam. If you do not have enough time to do them all, at least read through the answer and learn the key points. I recommend looking at questions like Q74 Harrow Tan Q43 Waverley, Q29 Brad and Q60 Maria and Granada
Diet – Eat healthy -salads, fruit, protein and cut back on the processed high calorie, high sugar fast food. Drink lots of water so your brain is hydrated. With this, try and get 30 minutes exercise a day. A quick walk when you are tired will help your brain process the information. You need energy.
Sleep- Now as it is close to the exam, try and average at least 8 hours sleep every night by ensuring your bedroom is cool and comfortable. If your mind is overactive, it will take you longer to fall asleep, so a good idea is to wind down by listening to some relaxing music or reading. No screens 1 hour before bedtime. Great athletes like Usain Bolt, Roger Federer and Lebron James all sleep for 9-10 hours each day instead of watching Netflix till 2am.
Find out when you do your best studying – you might be an early bird or a night owl and make the most of that time. Keep everything ready the day before the exam.
Visit my website neildacosta.co.uk for study and exam techniques. In addition, read the blog for neil top tips.
I would like to wish you the absolute best of luck in the exam. We have come a long way but now you need to see it through to the very end. Be determined to succeed and do not entertain even the possibility of failure.
Please let me know how the exam goes for you.
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