It is natural to feel a bit apprehensive today as the ACCA results are going to be released after midnight.

However, my ATX students can be reassured that I expect them to pass the exam as the feedback after the exam indicated that the expected topics were examined.

I prepare my students rigorously for the exam focusing on the main areas they are expected to master. The other technique we follow is we work through some of the examiner’s most difficult questions. This sets a very high benchmark so when they confront a question in the exam, they have the ability to evaluate the requirements quickly and pick up all the easy marks.

At the end of the day, we all need a little bit of luck in the exam.

However, in life you make your own luck.

 As William Henley wrote in his immortal poem, Invictus

‘My head is bloody, but unbowed.

I am Master of my Destiny

I am Captain of my Soul’.

If you are planning on doing Advanced Tax in December or March, I recommend you purchase Advanced Tax Condensed and make a head start. You need to deal with at least 30 separate technical areas to pass the exam and this book will help you. Please ensure you are using the Kaplan study notes and exam kit.