Ilesha studied Advanced Tax with me at Kaplan in March 2019 and after finishing her ACCA, she continued to build her tax career at PWC. She was always grateful to me for inspiring her in tax. After moving into Asset Wealth Management Tax, she branched off into technology, becoming a Digital Accelerator.
Ilesha has now been shortlisted in the Tech Women 100 Shortlist and needs our votes. It is a great honour for us, accountants, to have one of our own finance professionals recognized for this award and I would like to ask for your support. It is absolutely great to see one of our own successful accountants being recognized and I would like you to vote for her. Women need to be recognized in our society for their amazing contributions.
It takes less than one minute to do (as that annoying Philip Scofield says).
Just click on the link ( check out LinkedIn Post) and scroll down to Ilesha Dua and cast your vote. (do not vote for Dua Lipa! We’re good! Just kidding)
You then enter your email address and choose no marketing. Let’s do this.