In many Indian arranged marriages, the bride and groom meet for the first time on their wedding day.

In one case, the bride got suspicious about the groom’s education and decided to give him a surprise maths test starting with the 2 times table which he struggled with.

She then decided to throw in some addition and asked him what 15+6 was. The hapless groom responded with 17 which was close but not quite correct. This sealed his fate and the bride decided to run away before the marriage took place.

Other brides have also decided to throw a spanner into the festivities once the groom’s wig fell off revealing his baldness and when a groom decided to break into a raunchy dance routine!

There are a lot of tax benefits to being married that allow asset ownership to take place between spouses at nil gain/nil loss avoiding any capital gains tax.

For inheritance tax purposes, any lifetime transfers and legacies on death are exempt and covered by the interspousal exemption.

If the spouse is not UK domiciled, the interspousal exemption is restricted to just £325,000.

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