Unfortunately, at times even well-prepared students fail their exams. For the September Advanced Tax exam, one of my students was very well prepared. She had learnt her Advanced Tax condensed notes and practiced exam questions. She sent me a message after the exam and from her analysis, I could tell that she had understood the questions well. From this, I predicted that she would get between 65% to 75%.
When the results were released, I was shocked to hear that she had narrowly failed the exam. So, what is the reason for his anomaly?
The best way to understand why is through a little story. There was a man wondering through a desert when at last he came across a mountain stream with cold crystal-clear water. He was so desperate to drink that he tried to scoop up the water with clenched hands only to find that he could only get a few drops of water to his mouth. It was only until he relaxed and opened his hands that he was able to quench his thirst.
Many of my students are so desperate to pass the exam that they tense up and this stops them thinking through the exact requirements. Instead of writing sentences that demonstrate their technical knowledge, they are in such a rush that their sentences are short and only show superficial knowledge. When doing calculations, they come up with the wrong numbers. They are like an Olympic hurdler whose timing is off and keeps knocking over the hurdles instead of jumping over them.
So, what is the solution? You need to visualise yourself carefully reading through the questions and writing in depth answers addressing the specific requirements and showing your technical knowledge. Check your calculations twice and ensure you have explained what you have done. Look for quality rather than quantity. Practice doing exam questions under timed conditions for you to appreciate what a reasonable answer looks like. Repeat the same question again until it becomes automatic.
Athletes practice the same actions again and again, so it becomes automatic. When the big race day comes, despite the heightened emotions, their training takes over and they run the perfect race. This is how you pass the exam.
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