Over the Jubilee Bank Holiday, I was on my way to lecture on an Advanced Tax course and met Crystelle (Great British Bake-Off Finalist) and her Mum on their way to a garden party. They were shocked to hear I was lecturing on a bank holiday, but I explained to them that is was normal for me as my students needed weekend courses as they were working during the week.
I have known Crystelle and her family for many years as we go to the same Catholic church and am so proud of the successful young lady she has become.
She has now made a difficult decision to leave her banking position at Goldman Sachs to pursue her love of baking.
It is not easy to step out of our comfort zone into the unknown and take the risk of giving up our regular income especially when you work for such a prestigious organization.
At the same time, life is about reaching for your dreams and creating your own destiny. It is important to believe in yourself and try new things so you can find your own ikigai.  Ikigai is where what you love, what you are good at, what you can be paid for, and what the world needs intersect.
If you can find your own ikigai, you will find great contentment in your career and a feeling of purpose.
I am sure Crystelle will find her Ikigai. She has our support and despite some trepidation, her self-belief will carry her through. I am rooting for her. She has a lot to contribute, and her journey will inspire youngsters to strive for their dreams. 
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