Mind mapping is a useful tool for learning technical information particularly in subjects like tax where you need to learn all the tax rules. Memory works by forming linkages between different concepts and help reinforce these connections creating neural pathways in the brain. This enables information to be stored in the long-term memory and recalled under exam conditions.

Here are 10 tips for mindmapping

Tip 1: Start at the centre of the page with a central idea/ subject area.

Tip 2: Use single key words on each line

Tip 3: Make clear associations using flowing organic lines

Tip 4: Stimulate interest by using colour and images

Tip 5: Follow a tree structure reducing the thickness of branches

Tip 6: Use highlighters, codes, and arrows to make them personal

Tip 7: Consider using simple drawings which will help you remember.

Tip 8: Do not overcomplicate it. Keep the information manageable

Tip 9: Do not aim for perfection. As long as your mind map proves useful, be content

Tip 10: Review your mind maps regularly and they will become part of your long-term memory.

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