When I met Mufaddel, he explained to me that he desperately needed to pass Advanced Tax as he planned to join his father’s Chartered Accountancy Practice.
Doing Advanced Tax was not easy, but I encouraged him when the going got tough and explained to him that as long as he put in the work, everything would come together in the end.
Mufaddel lived in Brighton but travelled to London for all my lectures, so I told him to use the long train journey as an opportunity to study which he did.
Mufaddel went ahead to pass his Advanced Tax exams and join his father’s practice in 2020..
Recently, I was so proud to meet both Mufaddel and his father. It felt so rewarding when Mufaddel’s father told me that his son always remembers my lectures and they are both so grateful for my help.
It was great to help make a father’s dream come true. As a father myself, I understand what it is like to have children and want the very best for them.
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