How is your revision for December 2023 Advanced Tax exam going?

One of the key reasons people are unsuccessful in their professional exams is because they manage their time poorly. They waste time on activities which will not help them reach their goals. Learn to value your time and you will have a much easier journey.

Every day is a brand-new opportunity and a new beginning. You can have an extra hour each day by waking up a bit earlier and going to bed on time. I practice what I preach and always accomplish more than others.

Many of my students listen to one of my tax podcasts on Spotify, Google or Amazon Podcasts at lunchtime, That way in less than 15 minutes they have learn a topic that is likely to be examined.

Remember the classic quote ‘Carpe Diem’ and seize the day.

One topic that is due to come up in the Advanced Tax December 2023 exam is the Enterprise Investment Scheme which offers tax benefits to venture capitalists that invest in unquoted trading companies.

Listen to the podcast below to help you understand this important topic.

If you are planning on doing Advanced Tax in December 2023 or March 2024 , I recommend you purchase Advanced Tax Condensed like Hasan did and make a head start. You need to deal with at least 30 separate technical areas to pass the exam and this book will help you. You can purchase it using the link below: