It is natural for us to stay in our comfort zones and not stretch ourselves. Our brains are hardwired to seek pleasure and to avoid pain. When I lecture intelligent students, I frequently notice that they are only doing enough to get by.

When sitting professional exams, we must prepare for the unexpected. You never know what you might face on the day, so I believe in pushing my students to give just that bit extra. When they do this, something amazing happens.

By me pushing students to do more, they naturally lift their performance to a higher standard. When facing challenges in the exam, her habits that I instilled in them give them the insight to think and find a solution.

In life, we do not rise to the level of our expectations. Instead, we fall to the level of our training. This is a quote from David Goggins , the US Seal and ultra athlete.

This is why rigorous exam question practice and learning the key information is fundamental to passing exams.

An important area in the tax exams is sole trader losses. These losses can be offset against the total income of either the current or previous tax years. The claim cannot be restricted and usually results in the loss of the personal allowance.

After offsetting the loss against total income, the claim can be extended to cover the capital gains of the same tax year.

In opening years, a special loss relief is available for trading losses incurred in the first 4 years of trading. The loss is computed based on the CYB opening year rules. Remember you can never have overlap losses.

The loss can then be carried back 3 years against total income to yield a tax refund.

In closing years, terminal loss relief can be claimed. The loss has 3 elements: loss from the 6th April to the date of cessation, remainder of the loss for the balance of the 12 months preceding cessation and overlap profits(expense).

The terminal loss can be carried back against the trading profits of the 3 previous tax years on a LIFO basis to yield a tax refund.

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