Have any of you wanted to travel and work in another country?

I have recently heard from one of my Advanced Tax students who now lives near Venice where she works as a financial controller after qualifying.

At times, when we are struggling with studying, we do not realize the benefits that becoming a qualified accountant will bring.

By focusing on her studies, Delia has had the opportunity to work in Italy. Many of my students now work in Canada, Australia, or the Middle East. Passing their exams has led to opportunities they did not consider earlier.

In life, we do not rise to the level of our expectations. Instead, we fall to the level of our training. This is why rigorous exam question practice and learning the key information is fundamental to passing exams.

If you are planning on doing Taxation or Advanced Tax in March 2022, I recommend you purchase Tax Condensed or Advanced Tax Condensed which will allow you to learn the technical rules If you then practice the key questions I recommend, you too will be ready for anything the examiner throws at you. This book will really make a difference.

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