On Wednesday, I was part of a panel on the future of tax at Queen Mary University organised jointly by PQ Magazine.

I got to meet many participants who are privileged to be part of the incredible PWC Flying Start programme. These students from diverse backgrounds will get exposure to the different working practices at PWC whilst still doing their degree. In addition, the modules are designed to give them many exemptions from the ICAEW exams.

It was so refreshing to speak to many of these youngsters who are still teenagers. I reassured them that they had the ability to do these exams but needed to back their aspirations with focus and dedication.

In addition, I pointed out to them that they are different from the other students in the University in the sense that their exams were based on professional accountancy exams so were set at a high standard.

I recommended they take a balanced approach and schedule in some rest and recreation as well so they could make it to the end.

In an age when youngsters are more inclined to take advice from footballers or Instagram celebrities, it was amazing to see their positive response as they could see that my advice was only to help them get to where they wanted to be in life.

If you are planning on doing Taxation or Advanced Tax in December 2022 or March 2023, I recommend you purchase Tax Condensed or Advanced Tax Condensed which will allow you to learn the technical rules. If you then practice the key questions I recommend, you too will be ready for anything the examiner throws at you.

 These books will really make a difference. You can purchase them using the links below:

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