Shares have featured regularly in the Advanced Tax exam and the examiners have said that students regularly struggle with this.
Under exam conditions, the different operative events such as a rights or bonus issue, reorganisation or takeover can seem overwhelming.
As part of my ‘Keep It Simple’ series, I have written an article for this month’s PQ Magazine which explains the rules using simple examples.
Would like to thank the PQ Editor, Graham Hambly, for championing the atrocious exam centre challenges faced by ACCA students in the June 2021 exam.
It was absolutely heart-breaking after months of sacrifice and dedication for my students to be denied the opportunity to sit the exam and I would like to see these issues resolved well in advance of the September exams.
On this note, can I encourage ACCA students to consider booking their exam at a Kaplan centre as our dedicated facilities around the country are excellent and used by many of the professional institutes. We have limited places available so try and book early. 
My Advanced Tax Condensed notes streamline the whole memorising process so that you can quickly recall key technical information under exam pressure.
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