Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No! It’s a skydiving tax tutor!

I chose to skydive in the Florida Keys on a short break recently as the scenery is absolutely breathtaking there and the instructors are very experienced having done thousands of jumps before!

It was a truly exhilarating experience and one I would highly recommend. It’s probably the closest thing to flying like a bird. The tiny plane climbs to 10,000 feet and then you jump out (strapped very securely to an instructor).

The best bit is falling towards the ground through the clouds as everything looks so beautiful before pulling the parachute cord and you then start gently drifting with the wind. I found that trying to direct the parachute in a specific direction was a lot more difficult than it first appeared as just small adjustments resulted in magnified changes to the area you will land in. Fortunately, my instructor took over and steered us to the landing site instead of the alligator infested Everglades swamp I was heading to.  You then get in a brace position and bend your knees to avoid any injuries.

Great fun and I am looking forward to doing a skydive from a higher altitude in the future.

I did ensure that my inheritance tax affairs were in order earlier just in case there was an unexpected accident. This was apparent as we had to sign a 20-page waiver absolving the skydiving firm of any fault in the event of an unfortunate incident.  

If you are planning on doing Advanced Tax in June or September 2023, I recommend you purchase Advanced Tax Condensed which will allow you to learn the technical rules at lightning free-fall speed.  

 You can purchase it using the link below:

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