According to Wellness expert, Jeff Steen, many of us get through our anxiety by trying to live in the moment and putting things in perspective such as focusing on the positives.
While these are effective techniques, it is important for us to accept that sometimes everything is NOT FINE. Burying problems under the rug can lead to feelings boiling over while piling on emotional baggage stops people from communicating honestly.
Instead, he recommends that you honestly acknowledge that things are actually not fine at the moment. Experience your feelings and look at the triggers that brought on these emotions.
Another tip recommended by clinical phycologists is to step away from the pressures of the moment and if you can, lie down and close your eyes for a few minutes.
While some people may feel that this sounds silly, this technique allows you to realise that you are the ultimate director of your own life, and you are in control.
So instead of saying ‘everything is fine’ just say ‘Everything is NOT fine, but I am dealing with it. Give me a minute’. That way you can still show up and have a productive day.
It’s ok not to be ok.
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