This is an image of myself with two of my Kaplan colleagues -Iryna Mcdonald who specialises in Case Studies and Luckie Theva who teaches Financial Reporting.

Iryna is Ukrainian. It was a happier time and Iryna was telling us about her amazing holiday in Ukraine. Despite travelling to many countries, I have never visited Ukraine and was entranced by images of picturesque villages and snow-capped mountains.

Now things are very different- men between 18 and 60 are conscripted to fight in the army like Iryna’s brother. Can you imagine facing Putin’s army when you have never held a gun before?

Iryna is desperately trying to bring her sister-in-law and nephew to the UK.  She feels helpless as so many events are beyond her control. She is a lady of immense courage.

All we can do is focus on what we can control and stay strong.

On a lighter note – Elon Musk has just challenged Putin to one -on-one combat for Ukraine.