In today’s competitive world, we all want everything to be perfect. We expect to get so much done every day. We get frustrated when life does not work out based on our expectations.

We have to learn that achieving that elusive 100% is an illusion. It creates stress and anxiety.

In professional exams where the pass mark is 50 or 55%, it makes sense to aim for 60-65% so even if you have a bad day, you will still achieve a comfortable pass.

In other objective test exams, the pass mark is 70% so aiming for 80% is good enough.

Trying to learn everything leads to frustration as most of us are balancing our studies with a busy professional career and our personal responsibilities.

The Pareto Principle broadly states that we should try and keep the customers that generate 80% of our revenue satisfied. Trying to keep 100% happy all the time is unrealistic.

Accept very good as being good enough. The 80/20 theory states that once you achieve 80% of what you plan to do, it then becomes increasingly difficult and time-consuming to get to 100%. This is the principle of diminishing returns so the incremental effort for a 1% improvement is not worth it.

To avoid stress, learn to accept good as good enough. Try and get better but don’t strive for perfection.

Perfection is an illusion. No one has perfect lives. We all live in the real world and make mistakes. By learning to let go, and practice flexibility, we can all be more content.

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