It is not easy being a father to two young children and taking care of a family. Especially when you have a demanding job as a site financial controller.
On top of everything else, you are trying to pass your ACCA exams, and you are trying to master Advanced Tax with its massive syllabus.
When you are running all the time, it is no surprise that Hassan is quite impatient. However, I realised that he sincerely wanted to pass his exams and was prepared to take advice. It was not uncommon for him to send me a question at 11 pm at night.
When speaking to him, I decided not to sugar-coat the effort required and told him I expected him to put in the work in spite of his family circumstances.
This week Hassan qualified and made me proud, What is even more significant is that he has earned respect from his family and friends by showing them what is possible.
You can either make your children an obstacle or reason for your success.
Great fathers like Hassan make them a reason and fully deserves the rewards that he will undoubtedly receive.
Congratulations, my man! Respect.
If you are planning on doing Advanced Tax in December or March, I recommend you purchase Advanced Tax Condensed like Hasan did and make a head start. You need to deal with at least 30 separate technical areas to pass the exam and this book will help you. Please ensure you are using the Kaplan study notes and exam kit. You can purchase it using the link below: