Performing well in the heat of the Tax and Advanced Tax exam requires you to control your emotions and think clearly.

Making mistakes is inevitable but there must be quality in your answer. You must identify the key issues in the question and ensure you have addressed the requirements.

Many of my students are able to do this so effectively that they score in the 70s and 80s.

Unfortunately, some students tend to slip up on the fundamentals which prevents them from answering the requirements.

What can I do to help them?

This was why I recorded the latest series of ‘Building Blocks’ Neil Da Costa Tax Exam Podcasts.

If you understand the basics, you can then envisage the solution.

Each podcast

ü Condenses the key points in under 15 minutes

ü Interspersed with music transitions to allow your brain to digest the technical information

ü  Words spoken slowly to help you understand the message

ü Lots of free episodes

ü Access the subscription episodes for just 99p (100% to volunteer charity)

ü I give £2 for every 99p of my cash

ü Start with the overviews and then drill down. 

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