One of the great aspects of being an Advanced Tax lecturer is that I meet students who are approaching the end of their qualification so once they pass ATX, they have a lot to celebrate!

It is even more special to teach a couple that qualifies together as their lives immediately change for the better!

In fact, throughout my tax lecturing, I have only taught 3 couples.

It was a great surprise to run into Deepak and Lena whom I helped pass ATX and who qualified several years ago.

I met them at a new Kenyan restaurant that had opened serving some unusual (for the UK) Kenyan dishes such as Kuku Maji Maji (chicken curry), matoke bhajiya (battered fried plantains), and keema chapati ( bread with mince )!

It’s a good thing I was not on a diet!

The other amazing feature of the restaurant is that it is themed based on some of the Kenyan wildlife!

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