Aversion is our natural inclination to avoid things we do not feel are satisfying -this is why people resist eating green vegetables or studying. We also feel an inner resistance to people and situations we are not comfortable with.
This is caused by having attachments to people behaving in the way we want or life unfolding in the way we would like. Often it is not the external environment that makes us unhappy but rather our expectations.
A Zen story talks about a warrior being wounded by two arrows.
The first arrow came from an enemy but was not fatal. This was the physical pain. However, the warrior’s reaction to the arrow was to tense up, lose hope and feel he was grievously wounded.
The warrior’s mental pain came from the warrior himself and was the second arrow to strike him. The second arrow led to prolonged suffering.
 So, the next time, your studying feels fruitless, or you encounter a challenging situation at work, remember that is simply the first arrow. You cannot control life. Do not compound the situation by feeling irritated or frustrated. Just accept the situation as temporary and remember tomorrow is a brand-new day.
As Herman Hesse said’ Love your suffering. Do not flee from it. It is your aversion that hurts, nothing else.
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