The June 2023 exam will now feature a giant 50-mark case study dealing with both companies and individuals. What this means is that in the same scenario you will be dealing with complex groups and overseas aspects such as controlled foreign companies while in part b, the examiner could then tell you that the director is making capital gains on both UK and overseas assets and is planning on leaving the country on a temporary basis so you will have to deal with the temporary non residence implications.
Alternatively, an individual could be making lifetime gifts to both other individuals and trusts and you will have to discuss both the inheritance tax and capital gains tax implications of the gifts.
Having the right degree of focus in the exam is crucial to success but it is important not to get too tense. The Advanced Tax exam case studies can cover 3-4 pages and you will be given a range of different documents to analyse and glean the relevant information.
In some questions, part of the computations might be done for you while in others you require evaluation skills to identify the technical errors so understanding the precise instructions is crucial for your success. Do not make the mistake of writing down everything you know about a specific area and instead target your answer to the precise requirements using the available marks to estimate how much you need to write.
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