Life is full of uncertainty and even though we try and control things, none of us know what’s around the corner. We get swept away by anxiety and fear. We all face challenges, and our narrow-minded focus means that we cannot see beyond the problem.

How can we find a solution to help us navigate through these storms of life?

We must learn to see the world around us and have a 360-degree view of life instead of being swept away by our inner turmoil. In so doing, we can gain a sense of perspective and balance the good and bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the joy and sadness of life that exists in every day we live.

You can gain a sense of perspective by simply staring vacantly into the distance without a thought. The Japanese call this practicing ‘Boketto’ and take a few minutes from their busy lives to look out and enjoy the view.

I love the ocean and try not to miss a single sunrise or sunset when I am on holiday.

However, you don’t need to be on a tropical island to practice ‘Boketto’.

Today, I am on my way to a lecture in London and paused on the train platform looking out in the distance over the canopy of trees

I then saw three starlings swoop through the sky with complete abandon. Just for a few seconds, I felt I was up there flying with them. That was my Boketto which set me up for the day.

When you practice Boketto, what do you see? 

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