One of the difficulties we all face in life is making judgments about our abilities. We look back at our past experiences and decide if we can do something or not. In reality, we can all master new skill as long as we are willing to invest time and effort in it.

It is so refreshing to teach young students like Hope as I taught her both CIMA F1 and The Operational Case. I was able to see her development and how she was growing as a finance professional.

She was very honest and always told me if she did not understand a concept so I could explain it to her in a real-life context and help her understand it. She realised that with professional exams, you don’t have to be perfect and actually a reasonable answer was good enough to pass and move on to the next paper.

I would like to congratulate Hope on passing all her operational papers the first time and within just a year!  A remarkable achievement.

It has not always been smooth sailing -there were storms along the way but by staying true to the course and backing it with determination and hard work, she was able to be successful.

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