Why was I in East London?

(a)          To find clues to Jack The Ripper’s real identity

(b)          To get a guest role as ‘tax advisor gone bad’ in Eastenders.

(c)           To celebrate Reza passing Advanced Tax and qualifying.

If you chose (a) that was a good attempt as I believe Jack was a well-connected surgeon which is why he escaped capture. This was not the correct answer.

The real reason was (c) to celebrate Reza passing ATX and qualifying with some delicious Pakistani food as East London has some of the best curry-houses in London.

Reza was very grateful for the help I gave him at Kaplan and felt I was instrumental to his success. He kindly said that I was the best tutor he encountered throughout his ACCA journey.

During his ATX exam, he remembered my motivational advice which was not to entertain even the thought of failure and to keep going till the end. This made all the difference.

When you are studying, you do not realise the impact passing your exams will have on your life. Reza is how able to provide for his young children and is planning a religious pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. With more time and a higher income, it is possible to make your spiritual aspirations a reality as well.

I am so proud of Reza’s success, and we enjoyed celebrating with the fresh salads, slow-cooked lamb, tandoori chicken, and mango lassi. I couldn’t believe I was still in London.

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